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2116-380 Canyon Meadows Dr, Calgary AB

Serving Espresso Based Drinks and Retail bags for purchase

Sobey's - Legacy Store

200 Hartell Way SE, Calgary, AB

Retail Bags for purchase


Kimmer Country Markets – 3 locations

Heritage Pointe, Langdon and Airdrie, AB

Serving Drip Coffee and retail bags for purchase

  • Do you offer Free Shipping or Delivery?
    Yes we do, most of our goods can be shipped across Canada, and the ones that cannot, we will make sure it's noted! Here's how it works: Orders from STRATHMORE, AB have FREE DELIVERY period. Orders in all of ALBERTA have FREE DELIVERY on a minimum $57 order (three bags) and $10 Flat under that amount. Orders from the rest of Canada are $15 Flat and FREE over $60.
  • How fresh?
    We gather all of our orders throughout the two week period and roast on Friday and/or Saturday. That means there is a good chance your coffee will be less than a week old when you receive it. However, to ensure we aren’t throwing out perfectly good coffee (in fact, some coffees even taste better at the 3 week mark!), we will use coffee from previous weeks if we still have the stock. Our general rule of thumb here at Loft is that your coffee will be less than 30 days old when you receive it.
  • Are your coffees certified Organic?
    Short answer: Some are. Long Answer: Our coffees come from literally all over the globe and carry different certifications. Some of those certifications include Organic, Fairtrade, Fairtrade Organic, Rainforest Alliance or Conventional. The unique certification is noted in the details of each specific coffee on our Shop page. Even if one of our coffees is listed as conventional, you should know that this does not nesseesrily mean bad stuff like pesticides are used. Sadly, the reality is that many farmers are too poor to pay for the organic certifications each year, but also usually means they are also too poor to afford pesticides. Although they are not ‘certified’ organic, many are organic (much like your backyard vegetable garden) in the truest sense of the word. Reach out if you are wondering about a specific coffee. Home | Rainforest Alliance (, Fairtrade Canada | Canada’s Trusted Fair Trade Certification, etc
  • But I need coffee today!
    No problem, contact us (at the bottom of the website) and you can always pick up if we are around or you can grab a bag from a few amazing retailer (also noted on the bottom of our website)
  • I’m a shop owner. How can I carry your coffee?
    Easy, just get in touch and we can talk about how you can carry our premium, single origin coffee. We can do a site visit to your café and discuss our model, pricing and freshness guarantees. We’d also be happy to provide a tour of our roasting and production facility. Loft Coffee Co. Mark & Marjorie Phone: 587-888-3697 Email:
  • Do you offer Wholesale Pricing for larger volumes and what are your minimums?
    Yes! We do. Typically our minimums start at about 20+ bags but will depend on your vision. If you are a small business owner, professional or fundraiser and have something specific in mind, we would be happy to discuss it with you.
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